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PayMaya Review: Please Read Before Using The App or Getting The Card

I feel nervous. This is definitely a very bad feeling to get especially when we are talking about money.
Sabihin ko later kung bakit, later but first, a bit of a back story:
So currently, I have this sideline of teaching online ESL. The company pays me through PayPal. Ngayon, hirap talaga ako na mag encash from PayPal to BPI. Ok sana sya kasi Php50 lang ang bayad yun lang ang tagal before ko makuha ang pera. The last time, it took 2 days before nag-reflect. Not sure why. Anyway.
So I saw this on YouTube:

OMG! It was magic! Money was transferred literally in SECONDS from PayPal to Paymaya! I don't have to wait. I hushed the small voice inside my head that said. "Php 250 ang transfer fee nyan hoy!" In my mind, I have an option in case I have an EMERGENCY and needed to get the cash ASAP.
Boy I was wrong!
Let me remind you first that my account is activated, I have the physical card, I had it activated and updated-- the works! and yet in my Day 1 of this PayPal to Paymaya experien…
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ASMR Review: The Pleasantly Weird Alternative to Sleeping Pills.

Seconds upon listening to my first ASMR Video last night I was lulled to sleep. No exaggeration here. I was in dreamland in seconds! 👍👍👍 Then that YouTube commercial brought me back to Earth. 👺...

For several days now, I really can't sleep. If you work mid-shift like me or if you are on a night shift, I think you can relate to how your sleeping pattern can become crazy after a few days. Some take sleeping pills or Melatonin, to help regulate their sleeping cycles. I, on the other hand, I WRITE blogs. If writing blogs don't exhaust my mind enough, I usually spend time watching YouTube documentaries, now for some reason, I stumbled upon ASMR videos. 

What is ASMR? well see for yourself - or rather HEAR for yourself-, these are my top 3 favorite ASMR videos and I hope it will also help you fall asleep. Now a word of "caution" these might not be your typical videos, you might even find these weird, but try to keep an open mind:

1. Pelagea ASMR- This girl, is giving me g…

Paano Ba Magturo ng English Online (ESL Online Teaching)

Instik man, Koreano, Hapon, Vietnamese ang tuturuan mo, sa tingin ko pare pareho lang naman ang mga preparation at over all routine ng mga online ESL teachers. Nakaka 4 na company na ako ha pero halos walang hirap sa transition kasi sa tools lang at module nagkakaiba.

Dito talaga ako nahasa sa unang company ko sa TopTalk. So sa company na yun, pag sinabing free talk, bibigyan ka ng isang idiom per student, isa lang ha? Ito na ang bala mo for the rest of the 30 minutes na makikipagbalitaktakan ka sa kanila.

"The World is your Oyster". 

Ayon kay the free it means:
you have the ability and the freedom to do anything or go anywhere. 

When used in a sentence: 
Theworldisyouroysterwhenyou'reyoungand healthyandfreetogoanywhere.

So before, and kahit naman ngayon, ang technique ko para ma consume ko ang buong 30 minutes with minimal material ay ang mga sumusunod:

A. Introduction - 5-10 minutes:
Ano ang mga pwedeng itanong sa intro: 
What is your English name?…

Maria's Edge Resort Review

Hindi nanaman ako makatulog! :) But it's a good thing dahil sa puyat minsan nangagaling ang motivation ko at oras ko to write (less sleep, more blogs ha?). Naubos na ng mga instik na tinuturuan ko kanina ang baon kong English kaya eto mag tatagalog na lang ako. 👌

Last May 27, 2017 na tuloy na din sa wakas ang aming family outing sa Maria's Edge Resort sa Los Baños Laguna. Sa pagkakaalam ko ung pinsan ko pa na nasa Saudi ang naka "discover" ng resort na ito at nung nakita namin ang pictures nya sa fb (  kahit mas mura pa yung unang private resort na kinausap namin, ito na yung binook namin. 
Maria's Edge Resort is located in Jamaica Hills Los Banos Laguna. Malapit sa UPLB at along the highway lang kaya kung gusto mo pumunta sobrang accessible kahit wala kang private vehicle. 
From Alabang sakay ka lang ng pa UP college na bus like St. Rose. Then, malalaman mo pag malapit ka na pag nakalampas ka na…

ACADSOC online job

I have been with ACADSOC as a part time home based teacher for exactly a month and a half today and here are my thoughts about it:

How do I feel about working here?
The best thing about working in Acadsoc is the flexibility. Every week I plot my desired schedule. On Mondays, for example, I advise my TM (Team Manager) that I want to take Mondays-Fridays 7pm-11pm and take Saturdays and Sundays off.  And if I want to earn extra cash, I take Weekend classes too. 
The next best thing that I like about Acadsoc is that it makes a great part time job. you can do it at home with minimal tool investments: you just need a laptop and a decent headset. I use Plantronics with a noise cancelling feature.  
Lastly, It is fairly easy, teaching especially free talk feels like you are being paid to listen. Just be prepared with your list of open ended questions, sitback, relax and watch out for any grammar or pronunciation errors. Recap and give a few tips.
How long do you teach each student?
I teach every st…

Work from Home Online Job Applications

Since i'm in dire need of some extra money, I decided to put my internet know how to the test and searched for online jobs.

What I am looking for is simple: 1. It may either be a weekend stint or something I can do for 2-3 hours after working hours. 2. Pays well. 
I stumbled upon 2 companies:
1. AcadSoc 2. 51 talk

Rate: 100-125Php/Hour
Pro's: - They offer weekend work. Saturdays and Sundays 2pm-11pm - The staff that will assist you are very friendly and flexible to work with. ( I have rescheduled interviews a number of times since I have work on weekdays) - Application is easy enough, first you will be scheduled for an interview with HR, you will do some demo teaching, you will answer some situational questions and read some passages. - The tools look very user friendly. 
Con's:  - I cannot think of a CON yet. will let you know.

51 talk
Rate: 110+ per hour
Pro's: - It is quite popular with …

Star City 2016

STAR CITY at last! It is my first time to visit here. I know I know I just live in Cavite and it is super accessible via bus, uvexpress, jeep, minibus what have you and yet I can't seem to find the time to visit... but finally here I am as wide eyed as a 7 year old kid impatient to see and try everything! (ok maybe not everything the Star Flyer lifetime maybe) :D

So, I bought the ride all you can promo. 450 Php for all the rides. They also offer senior citizen discount, my mama got her RAYC ticket for 20% off the regular price :)
What I first noticed when I walked in is that (to my surprise) Star City is air conditioned pala! From the gate where we paid our tickets there is a tiangge we passed through before we took the escalator to get to where some of the indoor rides are. Mostly, these are the rides for kids, they have Road Race, Mini Pirate Ship, Frosty Train, Kiddie Bumper Car, Kiddie Wheel, Tea Cup, Ball Pool, Rodeo, Quack Quack and Little Tykes. On the top floor …