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Leivy Naturally Double Moisturising Hand & Body Lotion

I love lotions! It is one of those necesarry items in my kikay kit. When I shop around for lotions I always have 3 things that I look for: 1. Smell 2. Price 3. If it could be easily absorbed by my skin.

I got Leivy Naturally Double Moisturising Hand & Body lotion in SM grocery for Php 168.00 for a 270ml bottle. (Almost the same price for my other favorite brand Johnson & Johnsons Milk Lotion that sells at around Php150.00 for 200ml.)

It smells like milk. I like how it is not overpowering because sometimes I like to put some lotion on at the office because at the middle of the day my hands get really dry because it is cold and I worry that if it smells too much the person next to me might smell it or worse will say it smells like the lotion his grandma used to wear.. so I don't want anything like that. I like the smell to be subtle like you could only smell it if you lean very close.Another thing that I like about this lotion is, it is very creamy yet very absorbable. No g…

SkinDeep Fiery Red vs. Careline lip and cheek tint

I am an avid fan of the no makeup makeup, and the rule of thumb here is that the lesser product, the better. You just need a light foundation, a mascara and that perfect “mukang kinagat lang” lipstain/liptint. For years, my benchmark product is Careline’s lip and cheek tint (my last tube that I believe I had bought 4 months ago is just 80Php but I have been to the gorcery earlier today and was surprised to see the price ballooned up to 160Php! tsk tsk) Now, my officemate introduced me to Skindeep cosmetics. I thought, for a trial price of 145Php why not try it. She too, was an avid fan of Careline so of course I have to get her to compare it against our benchmark and here are the results: 1. Fiery Red indeed lives up to its name. see the swatch on the right? what could be more fiery than that? on the left is our benchmark. 2. Even after attempting to wash it off, the color stays the same. Less applications more savings! 3. I heard this product is made from organic ingredients. well, I…