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Star City 2016

STAR CITY at last! It is my first time to visit here. I know I know I just live in Cavite and it is super accessible via bus, uvexpress, jeep, minibus what have you and yet I can't seem to find the time to visit... but finally here I am as wide eyed as a 7 year old kid impatient to see and try everything! (ok maybe not everything the Star Flyer lifetime maybe) :D

So, I bought the ride all you can promo. 450 Php for all the rides. They also offer senior citizen discount, my mama got her RAYC ticket for 20% off the regular price :)
What I first noticed when I walked in is that (to my surprise) Star City is air conditioned pala! From the gate where we paid our tickets there is a tiangge we passed through before we took the escalator to get to where some of the indoor rides are. Mostly, these are the rides for kids, they have Road Race, Mini Pirate Ship, Frosty Train, Kiddie Bumper Car, Kiddie Wheel, Tea Cup, Ball Pool, Rodeo, Quack Quack and Little Tykes. On the top floor …

Top 5 Things to Give Your Girl This Christmas...(If you are on a budget)

1. Flower in a Pot: Why give her a dead flower that will die in days? Give her a live Rose or any flower  that she can water and take care of. Other than being relatively less expensive that buying a bouquet from e.bechavez, studies says that a bit of gardening relieves stress. So no more PMS-ing, cranky mornings and frequent LQ-ing it will just be you and her gushing at how your "baby" flower has grown awwww. Think: That Crazy little thing called love movie when Nam was given a Rose plant by P'sone.

Costs: Php 0-Php 300

Where to buy: Baclaran, Lazada, Tagaytay, Actually there are a lot of small plant stores you can buy from I'm sure you have once passed by 1 or 2. You can also ask your friendly neighbor if you could get a branch or two of his Kalachuchi or a seed or 2 of his Sunflower.
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