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Work from Home Online Job Applications

Since i'm in dire need of some extra money, I decided to put my internet know how to the test and searched for online jobs.

What I am looking for is simple: 1. It may either be a weekend stint or something I can do for 2-3 hours after working hours. 2. Pays well. 
I stumbled upon 2 companies:
1. AcadSoc 2. 51 talk

Rate: 100-125Php/Hour
Pro's: - They offer weekend work. Saturdays and Sundays 2pm-11pm - The staff that will assist you are very friendly and flexible to work with. ( I have rescheduled interviews a number of times since I have work on weekdays) - Application is easy enough, first you will be scheduled for an interview with HR, you will do some demo teaching, you will answer some situational questions and read some passages. - The tools look very user friendly. 
Con's:  - I cannot think of a CON yet. will let you know.

51 talk
Rate: 110+ per hour
Pro's: - It is quite popular with …